Need for Speed ProStreet Highly Compressed PC Rip Game

Need for Speed ProStreet Highly Compressed PC Rip Game.


OS: Windows XP/7/8/ 8.1/10/

Processor: Pentium 4

RAM: 512 MB

Hard Disk: 8.1 GB free

Video Card: 128 MB Graphics

DirectX: Version 9.0c

-: Screenshots :-

-: About-The-Game :-

Need for Speed ​​ProStreet is a popular racing game created by Electronic Arts Studio. There has been a major breakthrough in this edition which has led to many controversies. We can no longer participate in illegal races, and we take part in professional rallies on closed tracks. This change was not the most popular change in the history of the series, but it is definitely an interesting promotion. Of course, the authors gave hundreds of modern cars in our disposal from 26 different textures. He also took care of high-quality graphics. It ideally imitates the real race. course, the authors gave hundreds of modern cars in our disposal from 26 different textures. He also took care of high-quality graphics. It ideally imitates the real race. game associated with many rounds of regenerative life bars, the Insulter Killer uses a plan like the Instinct Series. Each match consists of a single round with each player having two life strips. For example, Superman’s character property provides a short-term increase in strength, while batman’s character is called the Batman character, which is robotic. DC depends on many places of the Universe, such as the Fort of Solitude, Metropolis and Batkev, interactive environments and many places. If an opponent is killed with an important attack near a corner of the arena, then it launches them, takes the conflict to a new section of the phase and an infection activates the animation. Each section also contains things that characters can socialize in different ways depending on their type. As an example, a gadget character like Batman can engage the bomb in the car to cause the explosion, while a superman like a superman will pick up the same car and destroy it against its opponents. Players have the option of closing interactive elements and phase infections.

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Need speed download downloads and become a part of the fast off-road rallies. It is also possible to optimize your vehicles effectively and to adjust the elements mechanically. There is a heavy emphasis on car damages in this installment. Each collision brings noticeable effect, such as broken windows, dotted hood, or damaged spoiler. Obviously, it negatively affects the appearance of the car. This also changes its functionality.

Download Size:- 4.5 GB



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-: How-To-Install :-

  • Download all parts. After extract the file.
  • Open Extracted Folder/N33dFSPS/..
  • and Run EASetup.exe to install Game.
  • Game installing need sriel key just type “HB2A-TYKX-ZOND-UALA-STRS”  and install the Game.
  • After game installation Complete.
  • Go on extracted Folder/Crack/. Inside all file copy and paste in installed gane location.
  • Run game_icon.exe
  • Play & enjoy this game.