Battlefield 5 Highly Compressed PC Game free Download

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 Highly Compressed Pc Game free download


OS: Windows XP/7/8/ 8.1/10/

Processor: i5


Hard Disk: 50 GB free

Video Card: 2 GB Graphics

DirectX: Version 11

-: Battlefield 5 Pc Gameplay :-

Battlefield 5Battlefield 5Battlefield 5Battlefield 5

-: Battlefield V Pc Game Review :-

Battlefield 5 Game is opens with a special prologue in which you have a series of doomed soldiers being fasting in the form of increasingly horrible ways.Its intent, I presume, is evoke the futility and horror of war.But it is a game in place where you can wear a Union Jack gas mask, jump out of a plane in mid-air, land on your feet, then whack a Nazi over the head with a cricket bat. Developer Dice can not seem to decide if war is hell, or just cool as hell, which creates some wild tonal dissonance. The notoriously chaotic Battlefield is by no means a real, gruelling war of a true approximation, which makes a soldier’s agonized screams of “I wanna go home!” as he bleeds out just looks a bit tasteless. The Swedish studio needs to own the fact that its game is really just a fun, silly, knockabout shooter, because that is what makes it the best. In the thick of a firefight, with planes screaming overhead, tanks trundling by, and sniper scopes glinting in the distance, Battlefield 5 can be exhilarating. And the dense, detailed maps only add to the turmoil, especially the post-apocalyptic devastation, which Rotterdam. 64 players fighting together, few multiplayer games are this frenzied.And a welcome return to World War II brings back memories of the first wave of Battlefield Games. This chaos also results in some exciting, emergent moments that could almost be scripted set pieces, such as the Spitfire I saw flying too low and buzzing a church’s bell tower, its wing along the side of a hole in the carving and the dust and the tow But this can also work against it, and I have lost count of the visual bugs. I’ve encountered: usually involving corpses getting stuck in scenery or flailing around like they’re being reanimated by a necromancer. This is a series of famous songs. Whip out your hammer and some parts of the map-usually around control points-you’ll see the shimmering outline of sandbags, barbed wire, and other buildable fortifications. Any class can build them and you do not have to harvest resources or anything like that, but the process is slow and leaves you open to attack.

A good example of this is in the Aerodrome map, where the entrance to a large aircraft hangar can be plugged up with cover, Czech hedgehogs, and other obstacles to make the life of the opposing team more difficult. Some maps are also allowed to move safely through. It never feels like the outcome of a fortification, but they can not change.

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Speaking of maps, it’s a mixed bag, but some are among the Battlefield’s best. Twisted Steel is the clear highlight: a vast, swampy map set in France and dominated by an enormous bridge, part of which has dramatically collapsed. Below the structure is a marshy forest for skirmishing in, but it is the bridge itself where the most exciting firefights are inevitably taken place around the two capture points strategically at either end of it.
When the enemy team has control of the bridge, wrestling it back from them is a fun, satisfying challenge Its elevated position gives snipers a great vantage point on the swamps and buildings below, but fortunately the bridge is strewn with rubble and flaming wrecks, providing just enough cover for the opposing team to push through and claw back region.
Arras is another great map: an expanse of French countryside covered in vivid yellow rapeseed fields. The open areas are perfect for vehicle skirmishes, while infantry can fight for farmhouses and villages scattered around the area. Fjell 652, set in the mountains of Norway, is a lot of fun too, specially the control point located in a scattering of cabins. Its exposed mountainside location makes some great firefights, with opportunities for distant snipers and aircraft to make your life hell.
I mentioned earlier. It’s visually impressive and incredibly atmospheric, but the cluttered geometry and lack of clear, identifiable paths to each control point make it feel messy and poorly paced. Hamada, a great desert map, is the great for vehicle combat, but the distances between control points and the general increased time-to-kill in Battlefield 5 means you’re a lot of time running back to your home and, if you’re unlucky, being sniped by someone on the way
Narvik and Aerodrome sit somewhere in the middle. The former is based on a Norwegian harbor town, and except for some memorably tense fights around an elevated train yard on the waterfront, nothing really sticks out about it. The latter is another big, open map, ideally suited to vehicles and I only really found it interesting when both armies descended on the colossal hangar at the heart of the map. Ultimately, there are no bad maps in Battlefield 5: just a few mediocre ones. And for an online-focused FPS at launch, that’s pretty decent. Squads are more important than ever in Battlefield 5. Not only do you spell on an ally if they are not engaged in combat, but now non-medic characters can perform a ‘buddy revive’ on a fallen comrade. This is a lot slow than when a medic does it, but still fairly invaluable in the final stages of a match. It also encourages squads to stay together, as tempting as it is to run off and test out your new sniper rifle. You can still leave your assigned squad and play as a lone wolf, but the game actively discourages it. Another benefit of working in a team is that, when enough points are accumulated, the leader can call in a so-called Squad Reinforcement These range from a fire-spewing tank to, best of all, a devastating rocket that can completely flatten a control point, killing someone in the blast radius. The sound of the aircraft that launches it buzzing overhead is always nerve-wracking-if you’re the one firing it, of course. You can see the explosion from way across the map, and pushing in with your soldiers to a point after a rocket drops on it is always a thrilling moment.
Building on Battlefield 1’s Operations mode, Grand Operations are vast, themed battles that take place over three days, loosely connected with a team. While the Battlefield is often a good game to dip in and out, you’ll need to set a decent chunk of time aside-in some matches, as long as an hour-for these sprawling epics. Each day is heavily object-based, with teams attacking or defending key structures including giant artillery guns that players can operate.
I’m not sure about Final Stand, though. This tie-breaker round is triggered if both teams are evenly matched and there is no clear winner. Essentially playing out of the tense final minutes of a game of Fortnite or PUBG.

Download Size:- 47.5 GB


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-: Battlefield V Pc Game Install :-

  • Download all parts.
  • After extract the file.
  • Open extracted folder, Open Battlefield V Folder.
  • And Run “OriginSetup.exe” to install The Game.
  • After Installation Complete.Go On extracted Folder Open Crack folder inside all file copy and paste in installed games location.
  • After Run Game_icon.exe
  • Play & enjoy this game.